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Discover seamless Year-Make-Model (YMM) fitment search with filters and keyword functionality, seamlessly integrated into your favorite e-commerce platform. Our engine equips auto parts merchants with everything needed to enhance sales efficiency effortlessly.

Working Strategy

Our fitment app does not come pre-loaded with fitment data, but it seamlessly pulls and blends data from various sources such as custom fitment files, spreadsheets, and ACES files. Just as a car engine requires fuel, our app requires merchants to provide fitment data in some form. The advantage? Once configured, the search operates on autopilot. When a new brand is added, the app automatically retrieves fitment data from connected APIs while preserving all custom fitment details. Additionally, explore our engine’s integration with a range of fitment data catalogs and distributors. Many require membership or subscription for access, each covering a distinct array of auto parts brands. While one online catalog may suffice for some merchants, others may need multiple resources or specific brands not covered by any listed catalog.

Data Collection

We collect data some of the sources and we have some own data collection formula that we apply for collections and we are verified for all of this data sources.
  • Parts Authority
  • PDM Automotive
  • SEMA Data
  • Torqued Distribution
  • ATD
  • Fitment Group
  • ACES
  • ASAP
  • CatalogRack by DCI
  • JNPSoft OptiCat
  • PACE
  • Turn 14 Distribution


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YMM fitment search + filters + keyword search Integration

Our engine provides auto parts merchants with all the tools needed to boost sales effortlessly.

Year-Make-Model (YMM) Lookup

  • Year-Make-Model Search: Filters out products by vehicle, showing only compatible parts. Customizable with additional dropdowns (e.g., trim, bed length).
  • My Garage: Saves customer vehicle selections, keeping them consistent throughout the website. Users can check or change their selected vehicle anytime.
  • Verify Fitment: Allows users to confirm product compatibility on the product page.
  • Fitment Compatibility Table: Displays a full list of fitment data in the product description for additional verification.
  • Category Selection Page: Shows categories and subcategories with products for the selected vehicle, enhancing store navigation.
  • Universal Parts: Recognizes and displays universally fitting products like oils, maintenance items, and merchandise regardless of the selected vehicle.
  • Landing Pages: Fitment-specific URLs with additional car content to support store promotions and marketing efforts.
  • Vehicle in Order Details: Displays Year-Make-Model information in order fulfillment and customer confirmations.
  • Year-Make-Model-based Recommendations: Generates product suggestions based on the selected vehicle.
  • Email Builder Integration: Integrates with Klaviyo to personalize email campaigns by Year-Make-Model.

Wheels and Tires Search

  • Search by Wheel & Tire Size: Requires additional fitment applications from Fitment Group, DriveRightData, or custom-fitment files.
  • Search Wheels and Tires by Year-Make-Model: Complex lookup requiring proper fitment applications for effective vehicle-based search.
  • Search by Wheel Size: Filters products by Diameter, Width, Bolt Pattern, Offset (Range), and Bore Diameter.
  • Search by Tire Size: Narrows results by Width, Aspect Ratio, and Diameter.
  • Vehicle Info: Displays a table at the top of search results with data on position, size, bolt pattern, offset, hub, and tire.
  • Upsize/Downsize Filter: Allows narrowing down results to a specific rim size.
  • Tire Size Option: Further filters results to only the selected tire size.
  • Hubcentric Filter: Narrows results to wheels that perfectly match the vehicle’s hub.
  • TPMS and Tires Upsell: Offers upsell features like banners or messages promoting additional products.
  • Vehicle Verification in the Cart: Prompts users to specify fitment if they forget to select a vehicle before adding a product to the cart.

Search by Keywords & Filters

  • Natural Language Search: Understands complex queries, identifying part names, product versions, and price ranges.
  • Autocomplete: Provides instant suggestions based on user input, becoming more intuitive over time.
  • Contextual Filters: Supports various filter types (checkboxes, ranges, slides, etc.) and can dynamically reorder sections based on category.
  • Spell Checking: Automatically corrects typos and irrelevant words, ensuring customers find what they’re looking for.
  • Attribute Extractions: Parses semi-structured data and extracts filter values, splitting long product names into separate components.
  • Reporting: The search dashboard offers insights into customer behavior, including usage stats, popular vehicles, frequent search queries, and session reports, all in real-time and exportable as .csv files.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can track the number of unique users on your store through Google Analytics, or the analytics dashboard on Shopify, BigCommerce, or Shift4shop.

While we hope you’ll never want to, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like. Convermax Year-Make-Model Search operates on a month-to-month basis.


We won’t charge you extra. We understand that occasional spikes can occur due to marketing campaigns or seasonal sales. However, if the increased traffic or number of products persists for more than a month, we’ll reach out to discuss whether an upgrade is necessary.


The duration depends on the level of customization needed. Integration with selected themes takes up to 10 days, while custom themes may take up to 3 weeks.

From the beginning of our company till present, we are working our best for providing excellent services to our customers. Whatever your requirement is, we can fulfill that with the assist of our experts. You can get ready software as well as customized one if you need it. You will get detailed instructions for operating the software as well. Our monetary policy is easy as well. We provide our work maintaining the deadline so that you won’t have to face any problem. Our specialists will always be prepared for assisting you. Thus, for any kind of further inconvenience, you can contact us without any doubt.

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